Your everyday stay at home mom that put a little bit of action toward her dream everyday.

Fueled by passion and purpose to encourage and inspire you to do the same!

Well hello there!

I’m an abstract artist, retired graphic designer & big time creative dreamer - (I’m pretty sure that’s normal for an artist, right?) based in Bozeman, MT. I’m married to my adventurous, fun-loving, and supporting husband, Nate. We are blessed with three little ladies that keep us busy and on our toes with their hilarious one-liners.

You can usually find me happily cooking for my family in our newly remodeled kitchen with at least one of my helpful girls by my side, nose deep in a personal or business growth book, snuggling with my family or just enjoying a brief moment of peaceful silence to give me the boost I need to finish my day strong. I also really like long walks through a grocery store or Target and, of course, any moment in my studio creating.



I love serving the world by : :

  • sharing my art – the creator
  • helping you figure out what I figured out - the problem solver
  • empowering you to find joy, peace, and simplicity in the everyday moments – a combo of both :)

I am most passionate about : :
art, entrepreneurship, and all the things to live a happy, healthy, simplified, peaceful, fulfilled life.

I create products for people : :
who want more joy, simplicity, beauty, peace, and color in their home & life.

Thing I spend the most money on : : Grocery shopping - my true love!

Guilty Pleasure : : Googling random stuff that pops in my head - forever a student!

Weaknesses : : Chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting. Or any moment to lay down and close my eyes.

Weirdest quirk : : I make or reassemble a restaurant sandwich so each bite I take has an even amount of filling. The condiment needs to touch all corners and sides!

Biggest inconvenience : : Getting woken up in the middle of a deep sleep.

Three things I do daily : : 
1 - 
Read or listen to learn something new.
2 - Laundry.
3 - Cook.

Least favorite part of motherhood : : 
1 -
2 - Laundry.
3 - Picking up after the kids.

Beach or Mountains? : : Lake in the mountains.

Favorite music to listen to while creating? : :  Jazz! 

You made it this far!?
Wow, we must be destined to be friends! Let’s connect! Shoot me a message with a question or what interested you most at [email protected] .

I'd love to hear from you!

Be Happy • Shine Bright • Be you!

<3 Jaylin

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